Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird pdo related bugs in 5.3
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:
> Seems to be a lots of bugs for Firebird related to pdo
> so we have to kill them , is on my to do list so any spare hand is good to have

Marius - I think the first problem with a lot of the PDO stuff is
accessing what the actual tests are trying to do. PDO simply does not
understand data properly - which is why I've not even bothered looking.

It runs slower than the native drivers on most database engines - at
least through ADOdb, which can simply be switched to use it, but it's
method of working competes with ADOdb's methods of sorting out SQL

All of the 'test' I have looked have 'extra' pieces for one or other
database engine. If PDO is database agnostic, then the test should also
be agnostic? Fixes for Oracle may well also be required for Firebird,
and asuming MySQL format SQL simply creates more errors.

SELECT '�' as test FROM test WHERE id = :id
probably needs a similar bodge as postgresql to allow out of character
set characters? Creating this email asked to switch to unicode just to
handle it!

Another problem with PDO is it's reliance on lower case returns for
things which the SQL standard and Firebird return CORRECTLY as upper case.
CREATE TABLE test (test INT) and expecting SQL to return test as an
associated field is simply wrong and forcing Firebird returns TO lower
case is equally wrong.

Basically I think the first problem is fixing the tests rather than the
pdo driver, but if you have the time to waste ;)

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