Subject Re: Any problem using PHP4.4.x, apache 1.x.x, firebird 1.5.x?
Author junkers109
Well, I've been at PHP-GTK for some days now. I've found that Glade support is lagging in PHP-GTK and this is also showing up in the documentation (mostly outdated) and tutorials too.

As against this, the Python equivalent (PyGTK) seems to be very current in all these respects. I am able to get most things running very quickly (Python, PyGTK and Glade), though I haven't yet answered the question as to how well Python supports Firebird (which of course is the main reason I picked PHP-GTK). Should that answer be positive, my next few months will be dedicated to Python, PyGTK and Glade rather than PHP, PHP-GTK and Glade. Just an update, in case anyone is interested. :)

--- In, "junkers109" <junkers109@...> wrote:
> > Interesting , I have seen php-gtk and seems to be quite mature
> > but i found yesterday php-qt
> > also monkey ide : i'm still compiling it and to see what i can do with it
> >
> Thanks for the link, Marius. However, no joy for me. I downloaded Monkey Studio but after installing it, it never ran. Kept looking for some missing dll file. BTW, I'm more of a Windows platform developer, and this is the Windows version I'm complaining about. :)