Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: drupal 7 eror
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:
>>> Marius - how are you finding pdo_firebird working? I ask because we are
>>> currently trying to work out what does and does not work as part of a
>>> drive to get PDO2 soted and targets created ;)
>> some basic stuff works but still i have some issues with the drupal
>> Now i will try to make it work with pdo1 , for pdo2 i have said that
>> first we need to fix the bugs in 1 and after that
>> we should go to pdo2 , maybe we can borrow some stuff from jdbc / ruby ...
> php active record looks interesting , i have used something similar in cakephp

Well it might be if it did not use PDO ;)

I think that there needs to be some agreement in the PHP camp as to just
what PDO is supposed to be. People are 'developing' the generic drivers
with all sorts of new features, and then expecting PDO to support them
where in reality the feature should simply be part of PDO. AsyncQuery is
an example. It's being developed in the MySQL driver, but it's pure PHP,
so could just as easily work with any database, and even cross database
if the time was spent developing it in PDO instead ....

the PDO development list IS trying to come up with a roadmap and sort
out what needs fixing in the current version, but already there are
discussions on the side about the next version and how it should change!

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