Subject Re: [firebird-php] Very fast read only transactions
Author masotti
Hi Jeff,

I don't understand where your problem is PHP related, (i.e. there is C++
code sample).
Perhaps your questions are better related to Firebird support or
Firebird general.
Search in for lists if you
don't find them.


Jeff Dunlap ha scritto:
> Last year I wrote my first FB application (a web application) and it suffers a short delay each time the application selects data to display.
> The bottleneck was due to the fact that I would connect to the database, select my data, then disconnect.
> Yesterday, I began writing a test application that obtains data the very same way as described above. I noticed that the connect process is very expensive. Too expensive to use in a web application when nearly instant results are desired.
> .... cut ....