Subject Re: [firebird-php] NEW TO FIREBIRD PHP CONNECTION
Author Lester Caine
ghazalravi wrote:
> I HAVE TWO TABLES (ADMINS AND ALBUMS) .when i try retrieving from one
> ADMINS table it displays my values but when i try to retrieve from
> the ALBUMS table it shows an error as below :
> Warning: ibase_query() [function.ibase-query]: Dynamic SQL Error SQL
> error code = -204 Table unknown ALBUMS unknown ISC error 336397208 in
> C:\wamp\www\testing\db_connect.php on line 19

Check that the table ALBUMS does actually exist. "ALBUMS" would be a
different table - double quotes for reserved words or mixed case can
cause confusion.
If you have the "ALBUM" version, then you will need that in PHP as well.

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