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Author Lester Caine
Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.) wrote:
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> Subject: [PHP] Firebird Backup
>> Hi,
>> I don't know if it's Firebird or PHP question.
>> I want to use remote administration on one of my pages, at least do a
>> backup for a Firebird database. Because the database file is located on a
>> different intranet machine, I have to use service manager to do backup.
>> So I tried:
>> $svc_mgr = ibase_service_attach(FBSERVER, FBUSER, FBPASS);
>> if ($svc_mgr)
>> {
>> $bkp = ibase_backup($svc_mgr, $source_db, $dest_file,
>> }
>> ibase_service_detach($svc_mgr);
>> The bad thing: if I include "server:" in $source_db string, it gives me an
>> "unkown ISC 0 error".
>> When I simply put the database alias in $source_db, it freezes the whole
>> apache, but at least it starts the backup...
>> Then, when I turn off verbose, it does nothing at all, but gives back a
>> "true" value.
>> So I think the closest solution is the second one, but does anybody have
>> any idea why it shuts down apache? And what can I do to prevent this?
>> I use Firebird 2.1, PHP 5.2.8 and Apache 2.2.3 on WinXP (as a development
>> environment)
>> Thanks,
>> SanTa

Is anybody using ibase_service stuff with the php_interbase driver? I'm
hapy with flamerobin on the side, so I've not looked at it, but as SanTa
has pointed out on the PHP list, if you don't have access to use that or
know some of the configuration on the web server, then the PHP driver
may be the only way to access these things :(

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