Subject Re: [firebird-php] Reports, PHP & FirebirdSQL
Author Lester Caine
Myles Wakeham wrote:
> Looking for anyone who has done this to chime in with their
> recommendations...
> I have a client that wants us to develop a web hosted version of an old
> business application they had on a client/server network as a PHP
> application, hosted on our servers. It will (of course) be using Firebird
> SQL.
> All the functionality is a no-brainer. But I'm at a loss when it comes to
> giving them a report generator. They are used to Crystal Reports that they
> have run locally on their network. But our hosted server environment is
> Linux & Apache 2 and I took a look at the Java version of Crystal for it (so
> that it will run off the hosting server and be close to the data), but its
> way too pricey.
> How have any PHP/Firebird devs done this for their clients?

I'm stuck in the same hole myself Myles ;)
I've hacked a copy of pmreports to work with ADOdb and it's giving me a nice
set of user selectable 'pages' with a from and to date option, but without the
fancy output ( I've not got the pdf bit working yet ). The create bits have a
few quirks which I must fix some time but the customers don't need to build
their own queries just yet. Fortunately the customers see it as an improvement
since the export to csv works well and in most cases they just want the
figures to go with something else anyway!

But I would like to find something better that is web based and offers a
little more flexibility. I keep dropping back to reportmanager but while the web server stuff works well
enough, you still can't build reports online :( I think JasperReports has the
same problem - the last time I looked you had to compile reports before you
could use them.

At least all the SQL scripts are now available ready to drop into something
better when it comes along :)

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