Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird do you hear the cries of your PHP users?
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:
> Do they exist? Do they make you money (or in the case of Firebird
> meaningfully extend your community)? Would you be unhappy if support would
> be dropped in PHP 5.3, in PHP 6.0? Do you have ressources to prevent this
> from happening, by taking ownership of the code in question?

I have some inside information.
Don't you love people not getting the whole story ...

At present the PHP team can't even BUILD a windows version of PHP5.3 and it's
this that has caused the problems :)
Apparently the person who used to do the windows build process is no longer
around, and no-one knows how to do it, so they are currently trying to get to
a point where they can release a windows build of anything ... at least that
is what I was told a few hours ago.

There is no problem with Interbase/Firebird on Linux, although it would be
nice to fix the problem with blobs on the 64 bit builds. We can at least
compile our own copies of any extension we want, and actually making changes
here is not difficult.

The problem comes with windows and is similar to the difficulty with windows
builds of Firebird !! It needs pigging M$ compilers and the like to actually
build using the current make files. So the next step is to be able to compile
things with an open source windows development framework.

As of 15 minutes ago I have PHP5 code base installed in a copy of Eclipse with
cygwin and CDT installed all ready for the next step - trying to compile
something ;) But at the same time I've been advised that all the PHP team need
is someone who can actually run Firebird and test new builds for them. THEY
will happily do the compiling, once they sort the build environment, but at
present they can't test the databases they have listed as a problem.

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