Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP extension problem
Author Lester Caine
nilay rathod wrote:
> on which machine i have to change SELinux?
> machine on which i m developing extension
> or machine on which i m installing extension
> these both are different machine.

I'm not sure about 'SELinux', but unless both machines are running the same
set of library files and the same settings, then simply copying the extension
from one to the other is going to cause problems. PHP rebuilds all of the
extensions for each version of PHP, and the Linux distributions do that for
each installation package that they produce.

Simply compile the extension on your target machine. If that fixes the problem
then you know it was simply an incompatible setting somewhere.

If you are looking to produce something that you can distribute, then you will
need to find out how the package management tools check for compatibility.

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