Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Installing firebird php 5.25
Author Lester Caine
alivingstone70 wrote:
> --- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
>> alivingstone70 wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm new to PHP and I'm trying to get it to load the
> interbase/firebird
>>> extensions.
>>> I am using windows IISv4.
>>> I installed PHP using the msi installer and selected the
> interbase
>>> option.
>>> This added the section [PHP_INTERBASE]to the php.ini file.
>>> Also in the ext directory within php - php_interbase.dll file
> was
>>> added. I have renamed the fbclient.dll to gds32.dll within
> system32.
>>> Is there anything else I have to do?
>>> When I test any scripts or run the phpinfo command I do not see
>>> interbase.
>>> e.g. running ibwebadmin produces a number of errors of which one
>>> is "Your php installation misses the interbase support".
>>> Any ideas?
>> Have you actually uncommented the php_interbase.dll entry in
> php.ini?
>> Also make sure you delete the gds32.dll that comes with PHP.
>> I have never used IIS but as I understand it SHOULD work OK. I've
> not had any
>> problem with Apache and PHP5 on windows.
>> --
> Yeah I checked if the php_interbase.dll line was uncommented and it
> was. I also copied over an fbclient.dll and renamed it gds32.dll.
> When i run phpinfo, i see nothing about a module being loaded for
> interbase. When i try a few scripts they either dont work or
> complain that the interbase module is not loaded.

Next problem then is PHP setup. Where do you have the php.ini file? phpinfo
will TELL you where it is actually reading from.

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