Subject Re: [firebird-php] Problems about PHP connect Firebird
Author Lester Caine
Tommy Cheng wrote:
> I have a ERP software developed by Clarion and use Firebird as
> database, it runs as Server / Client mode.
> Now i would like to have a Web version use PHP / Firebird.
> I am using the following :
> OS : Windows XP
> Server : Apache 2.2
> PHP : 5+
> Database : Firebird 2.0
> However, i try the ODBC connect and PDO connect also failed ..
> Any solution for me ?

ODBC would need one of the Firebird ODBC drivers installed - not used it for a
long time now so I don't know the state of play there.
The PDO Firebird driver has not had much attention since the native
Interbase/Firebird driver is much more capable.
Not sure if Clarion understands the native database drivers in PHP, but that
is the cleanest way to access data ( In my opinion ;) )

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