Subject Re: Rollback of set of updates
Author u.masotti
Hi Lester,

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:

> That is where I thought we were at ;)
Ah, sorry. I've read your mail in a hurry, so didn't parse well with
Wordreference ;)

> But perhaps it is something that we could look at if we are to improve
> the driver.
> Persistent transactions to go with persistent connections.

This means that driver has to manage a new type of resource?
$trans = ibase_ptrans ( $pconnection, $trans_params );

Problem is that resources AFAIR aren't serializable, so you cannot
share it through $_SESSION[].

Don't know if it's possible to use "named resources", something like:

$trans =ibase_ptrans ( "persistent", $pconnection, $trans_params );

and get from driver the same resource as

$trans = ibase_getptrans ( "persistent" );

Obviously, order and names of parameters and error management are all
in fantasyland in this esample.