Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP driver status (reloaded)
Author Lester Caine
Anderson Farias wrote:
> hi,
>> The deadlock may be apparent from some POV: do we really need one and
>> only one client lib to server (if there are separated processes and
>> trough TCP/IP stack)?
> really don't think so. have been dealing sometimes with multiple clients on
> 1 machine without problems so far. anyway, if one find the php deployed fb
> client useless, just have to delete it or replace with fb certified one --
> as far as the dll is not deployed to <system> path but along with php
> binaries.
The suggestion is that a new version of PHP may not work with some older FB
clients. I've asked on the support list for some feedback on multiple copies
of the client. As far as I am concerned I expect everything to loop through
the one client on a machine but that may be a error. Certainly I know that I
need to take care on updating clients when I update a server!

> I can not see a reason for aguing here.
I think that is more about ensuring we all have the correct information. And I
am quite happy to admit that my 'old school' experiences and information may
well be out of date. The current setup is working fine for me and giving no
problems on site but some of the statements being made would suggest that I
SHOULD be seeing problems :(

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