Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: The actual code.
Author masotti
> Not sure about it being a d4php problem, its just highlighting the
> problem.
> And I agree Mimmo, Delphi editor when u get it straightened out IMO is
> a great IDE. It has the real delphi editors years of improvements and
> best practices built in.
Give a try to the public 2.0 Update 1 beta, if you have a spare
(virtual) xp o w2k machine:
AFAIR it has 5.2.6 installed, so you can test where is problem.
Anyway, did you tried to reset registry? (warning: this clear all
installed configuration options in Tools->Options).
Sometimes in 2.0 get corrupted because of AV in code inspector causing
oddities in debugger and runtime event. i.e.
-Close the IDE
-Delete this registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CodeGear\Delphi for PHP\2.0
-Open the IDE again
> In regards to IBASE Functions, I was wondering If not you Mimmo, then
> maybe I could ask another Ibase expert questions about simple ibase
> usage and get some sample code like showing how to manipulate record
> position in a dataset and do certain types of queries. I could
> document it and put it on the delphi4php and this forum if its ok with
> forum owners. I really think some good examples and maybe some
> answers on its usage could really help novice ibase/firebird users,
> like myself. The documentation that Ive found is little and hard to
> understand. It might even lead more php'ers to try out firebird.
I use only Firebird as RDBMS, so try to explain what type of problem you
have (connecting, managing transaction, and so on).
There are on line my sessions (only in italin, sorry) about PHP and
Firebird at FB convention 2008.