Subject Re: PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author dogrocket2003
Forgive me if I'm talking way out of my league, and probably dont have
a clue but... In such an extension or driver isnt the only thing
important for it to communicate with PHP / SQL is that it have
properly created hooks with correctly prescribed call parameters,
whatever is inside could be delphi or even assembler code and it
doesnt really care?
I never coded driver or dll's just curious.

I was curious about something else, is isql console reasonably fast?
Why couldnt you make a driver that communicates via the console
input, though not actually displaying on a screen of course. It would
basically just be a doorway, and would allow a multitude of sql
execution capabilitys. A long time ago in a gaming environment myself
and a few others created a console input / output reciever... It would
wrap requests a certain way that console would understand it, and on
recieving end we would parse the results to work with data as we
wished. Very minimal code would be needed I would think, just
parsing and trapping for errors would be problem.
I know Im nuts.. lol

> Windows drivers need to be built via hte php build system for them
to work
> properly as plugins. Actually it's not too much of a problem since
> build from the same code base that is used for Linux.