Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:
>>> Anything else?
>> Convincing the php team to create a duplicate copy to work on ;)

I've posted a request to the internals lit for php asking how we go about
cloaning php_interbase to create a second driver .....

> Already we have clashes with interbase driver and dll and namespace
> so I think the sooner we do the fork and maintain the driver in a proper way
> the better
>> php_interbase already has entry points for fbird_ as well as the ibase.
>> So these probably need removing if an alternative library is loaded.
>> Getting the driver to build in Linux is a doddle, but creating an
>> environment
>> to build it in windows requires M$ tools which many of us simply don't have
>> :(
> Well you don't need to
> I will create an mingw/gcc environment even if they don't support it right now
> and I hope to integrate our patches and driver
Windows drivers need to be built via hte php build system for them to work
properly as plugins. Actually it's not too much of a problem since they SHOULD
build from the same code base that is used for Linux.

There IS still a niggle with 64 bit builds of the driver and blob id's which
has not been totally fixed :(

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