Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author Lester Caine
masotti wrote:
> Lester Caine ha scritto:
>> masotti wrote:
>>> You cannot develop an application using Interbase 8 and Firebird 2
>>> because client libraries (for sure IB library) are not code compatible.
>>> I think this can be explained better, but this is.
>> That probably hits the nail on the head.
>> Best explanation of why we do need to split off a php_firebird build of the
>> driver.
> I've not hat time to explore sources and development system, but the
> minimal reworking of the library needs almost these steps:
> - change builded library name, from php_interbase to php_firebird
> - change default client library name, from GDS32.DLL to fbclient.dll
> - change all ibase_* entry points to fireb_* (or something like);
> internal names doesn't need to change at the momnent
> Anything else?
Convincing the php team to create a duplicate copy to work on ;)

php_interbase already has entry points for fbird_ as well as the ibase.
So these probably need removing if an alternative library is loaded.

Getting the driver to build in Linux is a doddle, but creating an environment
to build it in windows requires M$ tools which many of us simply don't have :(

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