Subject Re: PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author dogrocket2003
> While you do not need to access firebird over the network ( I assume
you only
> have the one machine? ) then this will work, but ideally you need
your PC name
> set to a real IP address. Have had to strip vista off the only
machine I had
> it on, because of problems setting up some legacy bits, so I can't
comment on
> how THAT has changed how you set this up. TWO of my customers are now
> deploying Linux rather than worrying about Vista :)
Actually firebird is going to be part of a Web PHP Service setup on a
new WIN2008 Server box.. working alongside an application service
with sybase anywhere, which someone of higher intelligence(i hope) is
setting up. (hope they all play nice together) . Right now just
developing on my own machine.
So shouldnt need any firebird networking accommodations..

> > Then copied fbclient.dll from firebird/bin directory into my
> > website/php directory.
> That is not being used

> > ibWebadmin now works to :)
> Good to hear - must get around to fixing a couple of niggle on my
copy, but
> I've been running flamerobin so the need for an OS agnostic tool has
eased :)
While doing searches for IB web tools IBWebadmin was all that came up,
never saw anything about flamerobin, or IB expert..., those
developers probably need to bump up their presence on search
engines... but now Im a fool with too many tools :)