Subject Re: PHP Firebird Vista install problems
Author dogrocket2003
In addition, I had ibwebadmin allready setup for interbase use. and it
was working fine. I then went into ibwebadmin config file and changed
these settings.

define('BINPATH', 'c:/firebird_2_5/bin/'); // path to the
interbase tools (isql, etc.)

define('SECURITY_DB', 'c:/firebird_2_5/security2.fdb');

define('DEFAULT_USER', 'SYSDBA'); // default settings
for database login
define('DEFAULT_DB', 'APPLY.FDB'); //newly created database
//which is installed in below directory
define('DEFAULT_PATH', 'c:/DWebsite/files/'); // this is my
current work directory.

define('DEFAULT_HOST', 'localhost'); // also tried my pc's name as

define('DEFAULT_ROLE', '');
define('DEFAULT_CACHE', 75);
define('DEFAULT_CHARSET', 'ISO8859_1');
define('DEFAULT_DIALECT', 3);
define('DEFAULT_SERVER', 'FB_2.0'); // Its actually 2.5 but not
sure if it matters...

And this is my ibwebadmin error

connected to Database: <none>
InterBase Error:
connection rejected by remote interface