Subject Re: [firebird-php] TIME Configuration...
Author Lester Caine
Teträm Corp wrote:
> whatever the version of php or firebird you use, dates and times are
> client-side formated.
> So everytime you see a time or a date resulting of your script, the
> format is depending of (in your case) php/system configuration.
> Everytime!!


> Thierry

Basically what you say is correct Thierry, but as we have established already,
what is being returned *IN* the variables is not the values stored in the
database. This is causing the confusion since no amount of CHANGING the
display format will correct duff data :(

Now why there is a problem is another matter. I use date and time everywhere
without a problem, and I'm not currently seeing a problem with ADOdb and
PHP5.2.4 although that is not to say that PHP5.2.3 will not have a problem.
There ARE bugs in the ibase driver that have been fixed in the current
snapshots of 5.2.4 - but I thought they related to BLOB rather than other fields.

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