Subject Re: TIME Configuration...
Author luluzynha13
this is what phpinfo() returns...

Interbase Support enabled
Revision $Revision: $
Dynamic Module yes
Allow Persistent Links Yes
Persistent Links 0/unlimited
Total Links 1/unlimited
Timestamp Format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S
Date Format %Y-%m-%d
Time Format %H:%M:%S

Any suggestions will be welcome!!!
Thank you...

--- In, Lester Caine <lsces@...> wrote:
> luluzynha13 wrote:
> > One more thing, I'm using ADODB.
> I don't use anything else and it's fine for me ;)
> You can change the time format in ADOdb as well.
> Starting Point - run phpinfo() on your new setup and check what
Interbase is
> reporting as it's settings.
> But we need to see some code. *I* have problem with dates between
d/m/y and
> m/d/y but the time stuff is always right and it sounds more like you
are not
> actually seeing the field value you requested.
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