Subject Re: [firebird-php] How do I recompile PHP5 under linux SuSE 10.1 to interact with Firebird 2?
Author Dariusz Zelichowski
Agreed, 'cept the other person was trying to get hold of the rpms by downloading the free version of Mandriva DVD, and the premise of my post was that it would be pointless to do that in order to get hold of php-firebird rpms. That version does not include the said firebird/php-firebird files. They can be obtained from various repositories but are not present within the free DVD ISO image. If someone already is using Suse (and wants to stick to it) I saw no point in downloading 3+GB of data, hence the links I offered in my previous postings.

You are right though, that FB and related PHP rpms are installable from within their free versions, including the 700MB Mandriva Live-CD (2007.1 Spring) I tested just a week ago.

Philippe Makowski <makowski@...> wrote: Dariusz Zelichowski a écrit :
> That is included only in their Mandriva PowerPacks (non free),
that's not really true
Firebird and php and python, and flamerobin are on all Mandriva
products, but not necessarely on the dvd media.
As a lot of other rpm, all Firebird related are in "contrib"
you just have to add a contrib repository to your package manager, and
you'll get all Firebird related rpm
to easy add repositories to a Mandriva distrib, just go to :

> You can get just the rpm directly from here:
and yes you can get any Mandriva rpm by find it on mirrors
for that you can use rpmbone or rpmfind

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