Subject RE: [firebird-php] inserting timestamp values (now really)
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello,
> it seems I am unable to insert any value into a TIMESTAMP column which is
> different of 'NOW'.
> I set the following:
> ini_set('ibase.timestampformat', '%d.%m.%Y - %H:%M');
> ...and this seems to work well for formatting the displayed
> resultset, but the
> format of the dates to be inserted seems to be unaffected by this...
> Is there any other fixed format I need to use when I insert
> timestamp data?
> best regards,
> yves
> p.s.
> sorry for the previous prematurely sent mail

actually, the most reliable way I have found to insert/update dates is to
use the long date string
April 30, 2007

It gets over all forms of localisation