Subject Re: [firebird-php] Further learning on Delphi for PHP
Author Milan Babuskov
myles@... wrote:
> However the fact that most PHP
> developers have setup their environments from hand, and have had years of
> experience working with other classes, PEAR, etc. and are used to a manual
> way of doing this, may be a hard sell for CodeGear.

I believe the market CodeGear is aiming at is not the existing PHP
developers, but those coming into PHP from desktop application development.

> But when you throw a simple grid tool together over a database, it all seems
> like the effort to come to grips with this different way of thinking is
> worth it. I mean I can't do that sort of stuff manually in PHP without
> investing weeks of time, dealing with AJAX, DHTML, CSS, etc. Now I've been
> around long enough to know that what glistens in software isn't always gold,
> and can be a hell of a lot of powder coating over a lot of work to
> implement. But I expect that if a developer is willing to invest time in
> re-thinking their PHP approach

I believe it's pretty good idea unless you have (like I did) developed
your own framework using MVC or some similar model driven approach.
Perhaps it's even easier to write such thing now with D4PHP.

> I'll let you know as I progress further.

Please do, this sounds interesting.

Milan Babuskov