Subject Re: configure php to use firebird/interbase functions
Author dan_berbece
--- In, "dan_berbece" <dan_berbece@...>
> Hello all!
> I try to use ibase functions from php but I get the following
> "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ibase_connect()"
> Can anyone help me configure php to use theese functions, please?
> I use php 4.4.1 on a Slackware 11 machine...
> Thanks,
> ArchonMk
Well, thanks for your answers. But now I have an aditional problem...

checking for InterBase support... yes, shared
checking for isc_detach_database in -lgds... no
checking for isc_detach_database in -lib_util... no
configure: error: libgds or libib_util not found! Check config.log
for more info
4.4.1/ext/interbase # errig.log for more information.

This is the error message I get when trying to enable that module.
Any ideeas on what should I do?