Subject RE: [firebird-php] isc_detach_database issues
Author Nigel Weeks
> Transactions associated with the connection need to be either
> committed or rolled back before calling isc_detach_database(). The
> code sequence above doesn't seem to handle the case where a commit
> can't happen and a rollback is required instead (but maybe the
> rollback case is actually covered in the _php_ibase_commit_link() call).

> For displaying error messages, try to find something that calls
> isc_print_sqlerror() and isc_sql_interprete() - yes, it really is
> spelt that way - or, in Fb 2, fb_interpret().

> Do you have a copy of the IB 6.0 ApiGuide.pdf?

I called the ibase_errmsg(), and ibase_errcode() functions which return the
last error message for a connection, to no avail - simply no feedback at

I tried making sure all query recordsets, and fetched rows and results were
freed, and all transactions committed, but the same result occurs - the
newly created connection is not closed.

Hang on, I might have missed something...back in a minute...