Subject Re: [firebird-php] Jumping in the wagon
Author Jochem Maas
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> Alan McDonald wrote:
>> > Anyway Alexandre, there you have a rich set of comments for you to
>> > base some
>> > of your decisions one.
>> > Alan
>> >
>> Yep !
>> And I am following close :-)
>> thank you guys !
>> --
>> Alexandre Benson Smith
> I think we will probably leave this specific thread now, though, since it
> easily becomes religious if we're not careful :-)

Amen, there are as many ways to skin this cat as there are developers.
every developer has there preferences and an eye trained to pick up certains
coding patterns/styles that they are used to working with ... I think the mark
of decent developer is being able to take something that isn't written according
to their personal preferences and run with it ... based on that Alan and I are ok,
we can run with each other's stuff if asked :-)

so it comes down to 3 camps:

1. frameworks are superior
2. frameworks are bloat
3. 1 OR 2 depending on the size/complexity of the project and the number of people developing/designing it.