Subject Re: [firebird-php] Jumping in the wagon
Author Lester Caine
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> Alan McDonald wrote:
>> Anyway Alexandre, there you have a rich set of comments for you to
>> base some of your decisions one.
>> Alan
> Yep !
> And I am following close :-)
> thank you guys !

Rather than HOW, Alexandre the first question should have been WHAT.
What do you want to actually program?

I have no problem with Alan's approach, and it works for him. Personally I
needed a set of basic functions that all systems require, such as user login
and on-line editing, so I looked for the options on that. I have a solution
that works and a great bunch of guys who are adding other functions to the
package. *I* contribute integration and testing with Firebird, along with
packages that add my own functionality needs. Since there is a group of people
contributing faults get sorted quickly and new ideas are always evolving.

Different requirements allow for different solutions, and while ADOdb is not
the fastest of abstraction layers it allows collaboration between different
groups. Smarty provides a well developed display framework, and while I may
disagree with decisions at times on the whole I have a framework that meets my
needs. One requirement was that the style of the results had to be easily
modified to match the style of a particular customer. This is easy to achieve
using the integrated theme system, and normally just involves adjusting the
colours used in the .css files, although layout can similarly be revised if
the target system prefers right hand menus instead of left for example.

So what are your target requirements :)

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