Subject Re: [firebird-php] Framework for php
Author Lester Caine
Almond wrote:
> I want something suitable for team development. So, I think that use
> a framework is better because I like to control the coding standard.
> Any other comments ?

Depends what you are wanting to actually DO Almond. I've been working with
bitweaver ( ) for a number of years now, which is my
framework for the user side of things, and all development is via PHPEclipse ( ) which provides a very nice development framework.
Most of my legacy stuff has now been moved over and I can now add packages to
bitweaver to provide new facilities for users which can be installed
independently if required.

bitweaver is running on Firebird out of the box although I could do with a
better SQL interface in Eclipse although Jaybird works well in most of the
available java sql tools.

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