Subject Re: [firebird-php] Building on Mandriva
Author Lester Caine
Jochem Maas wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
> isn't there a 'modules' target for make?
> ./configure '--with-ibase' (or what ever the configure switch is)
./configure --with-interbase=shared,/var/lib64/firebird/ --disable-all
Seems to work OK as long as I go 'su' to build all the missing directories.

> ./make modules
Nope - no 'make' script in this install

> or you can just do make and then move the .so by hand rather than
> running 'make install', no?
make install works - and fortunately it does not destroy the real PHP
installation because it's copying to /usr/local/.. but it is also not creating
a working module - only giving a 6.9k stub rather than an 87k
library :(

Is there no way to just build the one module you are working on :(

In any case, the problem seems to be a little more subtle. I suspect that the
blob_id string returned my actually not have the right 'endian' for the to 32
bit parts - at least that is what it looks like may be happening. A correctly
formatted 18 character string with the 0xnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn format is returned (
unlike the previous fault which did not return a valid number ) but it is not
being accepted by the blob routines as a valid blob. But until I can actually
build a valid extension ......

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