Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: FB/PHP Driver
Author Lester Caine
quipo_it wrote:

> right again. IIRC, one of the reasons that PDO doesn't
> have a complete/working Firebird driver is that Ard
> (and Lukas and myself) disagreed with its design, that
> crippled Firebird features beyond an acceptable state.
> The "common ground" of PDO isn't good enough for
> every dbms.

It was always the wrong starting point - but nobody would listen to me
on the PHP list. If it ACTUALLY gave anything cross platform I could
understand it, but even field values can be different :(

> BTW: you may want to check PEAR::MDB2 and its
> MDB2_Driver_ibase module ;-)

I've got too much invested in bitweaver and that is ADOdb based with our
own expansion of it ;) It does have a PEARDb option but I don't know
that anyone actually uses it.

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