Subject Re: Trapping errors
Author Myles Wakeham
> I use EzSQL - it parcels up the error message and let's me handle it
> anything is shown.
> OTOH - I'm not sure what you mean by the "not until the Fetch" part. That
> violation is triggered on insert or update and it would be immediate - not
> on fetch.

I'm using EZSql as well, but the problem is that errors returned from
Firebird to PHP that are system messages (I'm not sure if that's the best
way to explain it, but these are errors that are not parsing errors, etc.)
are not trapped during EZSql's normal query execution, but when it executes
the ib_fetch_object clause. Consequently as the default for this is to make
it silent (put a @ in front of ib_fetch_object), referential integrity and
unique index constraints that I had placed on my database were never
reported to my application.

It may also be relevant that I use stored procedures for everything, so
although the SP executes ok, if it returns an error it wasn't getting to my
PHP application.

After spending a couple of hours debugging and writing my own error handler
for all of this, I now have it working exactly as I wanted to. But it is
important to remember that EZSql doesn't report errors from FB that occur
during a SP execution, particularly those that are related to RI or Unique
index constraints. I have to trap this specifically during the
ib_fetch_object part of its Query method.


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