Subject RE: [firebird-php] Trapping errors
Author Alan McDonald
> I am trying to get my head around how other PHP developers are handling
> errors from Firebird in their PHP apps. I am easily able to trap problems
> due to syntax or invalid stored procedure calls, etc. in my application.
> However if Firebird returns an error related to, for example, a
> violation of
> a unique index constraint on a column on a table, my PHP code doesn't
> receive it until it gets to Fetch any data back from a query.
> And when it does get these errors returned, they are returned as
> general PHP
> errors with the Firebird error message embedded in the 'Warning'
> area of the
> PHP error.
> I am trying to construct something that will handle these types of errors
> more gracefully and return the information to my application so that I can
> really do something with it.
> What are others doing in their PHP applications to work with
> errors reported
> from their Firebird databases?
> Myles

I use EzSQL - it parcels up the error message and let's me handle it before
anything is shown.
OTOH - I'm not sure what you mean by the "not until the Fetch" part. That
violation is triggered on insert or update and it would be immediate - not
on fetch.