Subject Re: [firebird-php] how to get php-cgi and firebird working
Author Lester Caine
td_bur wrote:

> I've gotten firebird working with Apache and PHP 5.1.4 without any
> problems. My only problem now is getting the php cgi that compiles
> with PHP working with firebird.
> I need the php-cgi because we have a script that is going to be run
> by cron to sync a mysql database with firebird. I've read that I need
> to compile pdo_firebird when I compile php and i've done that using
> the pdo_firebird that ships with the php 5.1.4 source.
> I've executed php-cgi -m and don't see pdo_firebird. Checking the
> phpinfo page I made for apache shows that pdo_firebird is enabled at
> least on the apache side.
> Does anyone have an idea on how to get php-cgi working with firebird?

pdo_firebird is not being developed since nobody can see the advantages
of it since you have to install php_interbase to get the rest of the
Firebird functions ;)

You SHOULD be able to access the php_interbase functions from php_cgi
and personally I use ADOdb to cross link between databases in PHP.

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