Subject Re: [firebird-php] Duplicate numbers
Author Lester Caine
Jochem Maas wrote:

>>>it sounds like 2 different insertions (via 2 different requests) where
>>>the transactions are overlapping and the results of the one that started first
>>>is not being seen by the one start second... I really recommend a generator
>>>for the TICKET_NO.
>>That would not help - I'd STILL get two records just with two different
> right but you wouldn't have the race condition anymore with rtegard to TICKET_NO
>>I dropped the generator because of problems getting it reset to '0' at
>>the start of each day - it just was not happening in some offices so
>>they were ringing up and saying 'We haven't started at 1, somethings not
>>working!' - Things would be fine without customers :)
> I can hardly imagine that could not be solved with a stored procedure or two
> that the insert trigger would call... I actually have some 'sweepstake' related SQL
> that automatically creates/removes generators based on records (that each represent
> a 'sweepstake') being inserted/deleted with the relevant dynamically created
> generator being used for tickets(entries) for each sweepstake.

Actually the sweepstake is simply the browser - ever tried double click!
Double click gives two clean tickets every time :(
So the problem is nothing to do with Firebird - just a matter of
stopping PHP running the script twice!

> one has to question why the ticket numbers must start at 1 each day - although
> without konwing all the context and background it's impossible to judge the 'correctness'
> of such an implementation (not to mention customers often require stuff that make your
> toes curl ;-)

Customers are called to a counter or room by ticket number - need I say
more ;)

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