Subject GLOBAL Array
Author anna_ppalm

Hope you can help me. I am bringing from the DB several records,
where only one will be update. This come to a PHP page. I am passing
the values of each record to the php page. From this page the user
will choose one record. I than go back to the DB, get all the
information for that record and make available for update

My problem is: I do not know how to differentiate the field NAME from
record 1 to NAME from record 2. I am using $_POST[`NAME'] to get the
name, but if I have to update the first record I notice once I click
submit it brings the information of the LAST record send to the page.

I am trying to use an array of globals, but don't know how. Can you

Example of what I need:

Some how take the array that is coming from DB:
$array_de_registros[$cont]['NOME'] = $NOME;

Save it as a global array:
$GLOBAL [$cont]['NOME'] = $array_de_registros[$cont]['NOME']

Than be able to retrieve that specific record info to retrieve the db.

How can I do that?? Any ideas??