Subject Re: Firebird/PHP/Apache installation howto for Linux (FC4)?
Author sc_odo
Hello Alex,
download the PHP source if you haven't done already.
Rebuild PHP using the following option:
./configure --with-interbase=/path/to/firebird +rest of your options
make install

and you have a go on Firebird<->PHP

Best regards


--- In, "ipai1" <user001@...> wrote:
> G'day all...
> As a total newbie to the wonderful world of PHP & Firebird under
> Linux, I was wondering whether anyone could direct me to some sort of
> howto guide on actually getting the Firebird functions working under
> PHP. So far, I have looked under both the Firebird and PHP sites and
> have found some fairly general info, but I was after something more
> comprehensive. Specifically, I need information relevant to FC4 if at
> all possible.
> Also, is there an FAQ somewhere for this list? Thanks in anticipation.
> Regards,
> Alex.