Subject Re: [firebird-php] php config error with option --with-interbase
Author Lester Caine
Darren Thompson wrote:

> there are issuses with firebird 1.5 and php on linux all i can say is
> goodluck i wouldnt waste my time on trying to get it work i use debian there
> is a package that is already made that one can use dont know if there is one
> for fedora.

Since I did not have any real problems with SUSE10 I thought that things
were a lot better.
Based on these comments I think we *DO* need to sort out our own
PHP/Firebird builds :(
The main problem *I* had was just making sure that the right development
tools were loaded, and then things ran fine.
CAN we do a ready built .so library, and distribute that, or do we need
to simply sort out the problems on each distribution?

Of cause getting Firebird simply included like MySQL and Posgres would
be the ideal so perhaps we need a concerted effort on that. The WINDOWS
builds have never been a problem since the binary is always included!

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