Subject Re: Any problem using PHP4.4.x, apache 1.x.x, firebird 1.5.x?
Author willowdan2004
Hi to All,

Thanks to Alan McDonald and Milan Babuskov, and to those others who I
failed to noticed but answered to help me.

First, when I tried using the .ibase_errmsg, here is the result:
Couldnt connect to database!: Unable to complete network request to
host "localhost". Failed to locate host machine. Undefined service

Additional facts:

1. c:\firebird\onlinebanking.fdb is out of the webserver's location
w/c is in C:\Program Files\WAMP\Apache\htdocs\onlinebanking.

2. making use of zend studio server where it has its own php located
in C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendStudioServer-5.1.0\etc, w/ a partner
config of httpd.conf.

3. in contrary, no problem whatsoever when I tried running my old
configuration of apache(httpd.conf) making use of PHP4.3.5 ad its own
php.ini located in C:\WINDOWS. NOTE: This worked after I relocated
onlinebanking.fdb in C:\Program Files\WAMP\Apache\htdocs\onlinebanking.

Many many thanks,

--- In, milanb@... wrote:
> Quoting willowdan2004 <willowdan@...>:
> > Just can't make PHP and firebird run in the ibase_connect() level ...
> > my code is:
> >
> > ibh = ibase_connect
> > ('localhost:c:\firebird\onlinebanking.fdb',$usr,$pwd) or die('Can\'t
> > connect to db.');
> Try: die("Can't connect to db, reason: " .ibase_errmsg())
> ...and you'll probably be able to solve it yourself.
> --
> Milan Babuskov
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