Subject RE: [firebird-php] Handling quote characters in Firebird/PHP
Author Alan McDonald
> I am running Firebird 1.5 Super Server on a Windows 2000 box with
> Apache/PHP4. When trying to enter text data into a Firebird database, I
> have specific stored procedures that handle the updating of
> various tables.
> Text data that contains a single quote character in it (ie.
> O'Connell, etc.)
> is causing errors in Firebird when executing the query. This is typically
> due to the fact that I put quotes around the text fields in order to send
> them as a arguments to the stored procedures.
> What is the best practice way of handling fields with single quote
> characters purposely entered into them, and getting this data
> into Firebird?
> Myles

I find this form
ibase_query($db->dbh, "INSERT/EXECUTE etc,... ?,?,?,?", value, value, value,
of query
always insulates values which contain these sorts of issues.