Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Transactions with prepared statements CRASH.
Author Fabio Gomes
Sorry if what i am saying is stupid but,

the syntax for the ibase_tras is: *ibase_trans* ( [int trans_args [,
resource link_identifier]] )

Aren´t you passing the parameters in the inverse order?

you are using: $trans = ibase_trans($db,

shouldn´t it be: $trans =

I use ibase_prepare and ibase_execute in php without any problems, but i use
a linux server.

On 11/2/06, paulruizendaal <pnr@...> wrote:
> Actually, I think it is a fault in the PHP driver. My hypothesis is
> that after a transaction error all cursors on the attachment are
> invalidated that the driver then attempts to drop it once more.
> There are IBDEBUG statements in the source around the allocation and
> release of statements, so I assume it was something that Art was
> working on.
> What I need is a complete but simple script that shows the bug. Your
> example is nearly it, it just needs the initial connection and some
> table defs / data rows.
> Paul

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