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Accessing that link returned:

Database error: pconnect(, yssite_des, $DBPassword)
MySQL Error: 0 ()
Session halted.


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Subject: [firebird-php] Re: Username and password authentication

You may want to take a look at Codecharge

It is like a front end builder for dummies. In less that 5 minutes you
can build a login page with authentication. If you need help connecting
it to Firebird, just let me know and I can give a few pointers.

I had to resort to using Codecharge after my developer found another
job, since I was unable to hand code enough to get the project

If you use the trial, the app you build will still function after the
trial has expired.

good luck.

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> Hello
> Can anyone give me some code for a username/pass PHP-firebird table
> html??
> I will have just a few users with will login from different computer.
> would have to validate their IP address, username and pass. Once all
> it is done, each of them would be able to access the DB which in turn
> would generate a different report for each user.
> In advance I thank you for your help.
> Anna

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