Subject Re: Slow query with a lot of fields
Author Leonardo Cosmai
--- In, "paulruizendaal" <pnr@...> wrote:
> What is the type of field48? If it is a long varchar, a blob or an
> array, it may be that a lot more data has to be transferred than
> field 1 to 47.

The type of field48 doesn't matter. It's invariant. It's sufficient
that there are 48 fields. This happens with all my tables.

Now I changed my application: every single SELECT * FROM table is
automatic translated into a SELECT field1, ...field42 from table.
This is a lot fast.

This is the code for a rudimental profile:


$start = microtime();
$pstm = ibase_prepare($connection, $sql);
$rs = ibase_execute($pstm);
$row = ibase_fetch_row($rs);
$end = microtime();