Subject Re: [firebird-php] OT: e-shop program
Author Lester Caine
Almond wrote:

> Thank you for your reply. I do some search and found that ZenCart is more
> active than OSC.
> Is the database for OSC compatible with ZenCart ? Can I use the Firebird db
> for OSC on ZenCart ?

The older versions of ZenCart used ADOdb. Which was striped at a recent
major update, and replaced with their own engine specific code. I don't
think that Firebird is now supported, which is why we put ADOdb BACK
into the ZenCart code base foe the bitweaver version.

I'm not sure what the current state of play is at ZenCart, but last time
I looked it was moving further into engine specific SQL, which was the
main problem when producing the original oscomerce port, and the more
recent bitweaver one.

Lester Caine
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