Subject Re: php_firebird.dll; was: Open Source Database Conference 2005
Author paulruizendaal
> As a PHP tyro, does this mean that we will eventually see both
> php_firebird.dll and fbclient.dll being distributed, either with or
> without the official PHP distro, in the near future?

As I understand from Lester, what is 'official' PHP is a bit up in
the air right now.

Yes, it is my intention to create such a dll, time permitting. So far
I have not bothered to get in touch with the php_interbase
maintainers, perhaps I should. On the other hand, I think people
appreciate it more when you come to the table with working code --
otherwise I just sound like I want potentially irrelevant work done
for free.

> Sooner or later, I feel this will have to happen, especially as the
> two products diverge. It would be nice (imo) to see it happen
> sooner, so that FB has official support and is not treated as just
> a derivative of IB.

Agree, that is a pain in my eye too. Also, with Vulcan-stuff and wire-
protocol enhancements around the corner, we better get through this
hassle sooner than later.