Subject RE: [firebird-php] PHP-CLI and event handling
Author Alan McDonald
> We need to handle events from scripts running on Linux and Windows
> servers. After a brief search we've decided that the best support is
> offered by PHP (as an aside, does anyone know of a Firebird module for
> Perl?).
> Having never developed in PHP, is there any advice or tips anyone wants
> to offer?
> The basic script would be started by cron, register an event handler,
> and then wait until the handler executed and notified the main thread it
> was done, or the main thread reached a timeout threshold, deregistered
> the event handler and exited.
> I also want to make sure we're running a minimum install of PHP, as it
> won't be used for HTTP traffic.
> Thanks, Rick DeBay

where's the main thread? in some other application? or another thread of the
PHP script? dunno about threading php