Subject Re: Installation PHP5 on 2003 and apache 2.0.54 with FB 1.5.2
Author p_sudheers
> you don't need gds32.dll - it's already in the php_interbase5.dll.
> I'm confused why your system is in g: but your phpinfo returns c:
> (make sure your ini file has the full path to the directory where
the dll is
> and not a relative path - which it appears to be)
> Alan

Sorry, that php505 was a typo, I have only php504

The following are the phpinfo() values

System Windows NT MY-SERVER 5.2 build 3790
Build Date Mar 31 2005 02:44:34
Configure Command cscript /nologo configure.js
"--enable-snapshot-build" "--with-gd=shared"
Server API Apache 2.0 Handler
Virtual Directory Support enabled
Configuration File (php.ini) Path G:\WINDOWS
PHP API 20031224
PHP Extension 20041030
Zend Extension 220040412

Extension dir shown in phpinfo() result
Local Value Master Value
extension_dir C:\php5 C:\php5

Extension dir in the g:\windows\php.ini file
extension_dir = "g:\php504\ext\"

And it is not php_interbase5.dll as Alan has mentioned, it is
php_interbase.dll in my ext directory.

Thank you