Subject Re: [firebird-php] Installing GD2 lib on FC3 and PHP 4.3
Author Milan Babuskov
Todd Cary wrote:
> I installed the png source code into /usr/lib/png

Installed? How?

>. So, I set
> --make-png-dir=/usr/lib/png, but I get the error that it cannot find
> png.h. The configure file has
> if test ! -f $GD_PNG_DIR/png.h; then
> { echo "configure: error: png.h not found." 1>&2; exit 1; }
> fi
> Do you know how I should change that?

Well, first check if png.h file is there. Maybe it is in some "include"
subfolder or something (it's in /usr/include on my system). So, if it's
/usr/lib/png/png.h try using:

GD_PNG_DIR=/usr/lib/png ./configure ...etc.

and if it's /usr/lib/png/include/png.h

GD_PNG_DIR=/usr/lib/png/include ./configure ...etc.

Although, I'm not sure about all this. Perhaps GD has it's own version
of png header. Try and see if it compiles.

Milan Babuskov