Subject Re: Abstraction Layer was Re: [firebird-php] Selectable SP
Author Lester Caine
Si Carter wrote:

>>>OOI does anybody know of a list of abstraction layers (free/open
>>>source) for PHP/firebird.
>>Not a list, but take a look at
> Thanks for the link, although ADOdb looks good, for my current/first php
> project it would be an overkill. I will definitely keep it in mind if I do
> any more PHP development :-)

You can cut down the package to just those files necessary to run
Firebird. I end up leaving them all in as most sites have other engines
on line, and it's nice to be able just to pull the data direct while
their IT *experts* are discussing IF it can be done ;)

Another option this coming along but needs a bit of work yet is PDO,
which is the 'abstraction' layer built into PHP5. It's not getting much
support as most of us don't like the limited approach, but it will
probably be the basis of PHP's own database services in the future -
ADOdb has a driver for the PDO driver ;)

Lester Caine
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