Subject RE: [firebird-php] PHP compiling help for firebird
Author Nigel Weeks
Your distributon should have a pre-compiled RPM that just adds the Firebird
module into your current PHP.

Otherwise, it is possible to compile php, and just copy the loadable module
into the PHP module directory, and uncomment the line in your php.ini.

Steps are:
Start by finding the ./configure line RedHat(Fedora Group) used when
building PHP the first time - you can get this from the php_info() function
in a small php script:

Download the source for the version of PHP you're running(so things have a
better chance of working)
Expand it out somewhere(doesn't really matter where), cd into the directory,
and just run the ./configure command you got from the previous step.

If the previous one worked, and all dependencies are found ok, do the
./configure again, but add the --enable-interbase=/path/to/firebird.
If this works ok, and it can find all the dependencies, you're ready to

Type make. This will build PHP, but won't install it. Now, find the
module(without the backticks):
`find . -name ""`
It's usually inside an 'ext' directory.

Copy this file to your PHP extensions directory. On a Fedora machine I have
access to, this is '/usr/lib/php4/'

Tell PHP about the new extension. In your 'php.ini', uncomment/add the line
My Fedora machine has a directory in '/etc/php.d/' that contains an
'interbase.ini' file the above line in it - might be an installation
specific thing, I dunno. Just letting you know! :-)

You're done. Restart the webserver, and you should be away.

(PS. On FreeBSD, do: `cd /usr/ports/databases/php4-interbase`, `make
But people will run Linux...;-))

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> Subject: [firebird-php] PHP compiling help for firebird
> Hi
> I have a working PHP4, apache on fedora core 3 and I would
> like to add support for firebird 1.5x
> I see from reading through the posts that I will have to
> recompile php with --with-interbase=/usr/local/firebird
> I have a few issues
> PHP4 was originally installed from rpms and has sql,apache
> support built in etc which I need to retain How do I
> recompile my PHP in this scenario ?
> I could download PHP 5 and compile that but do I need to
> remove PHP 4 first ?
> Is there another way to add support without recompiling ?
> Thanks in advance
> Peter
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